Hairy Goat is owned and operated by me, Corinna. I also use a back up network of experienced guides, professional photographers, travel and adventure enthusiasts.

The photos that you see on this site were all taken by me in the course of travelling around the world. I was born in Australia, have been in the UK for 17 years, gained dual citizenship, and I still have the curiosity of a tourist. A fairly diverse background provides a unique range of skills and experiences, leaving me well placed to organise and deal with pretty much anything, especially the unexpected.

I have been a tour guide, coach driver and 4WD tour cook, plus done my share of inside jobs such as retail management, project management and administration, caring for the elderly, and even barmaiding. However, an outdoor lifestyle holds too much appeal, and I prefer to see something different every day.

So now I concentrate on the things I love to do, namely exploring, travelling as much as possible, taking photos, and guiding tours. My favourite countries are Iceland, Namibia, Ethiopia and Australia. I think they are also among the most visually stunning and toughest environments to survive in.

My motto is “If you want something in life, either work for it, ask for it or take it. Don’t wait for it to come to you on a plate.”

See you soon!