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This Advanced & Night Photography Course is designed for people who already be using and have an understanding and know how, where and why to put into practice Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed and understands they work together.

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General Information

This Advanced & Night Photography Course is designed for people who already be using and have an understanding and know how, where and why to put into practice Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed and understands they work together- to see what you need to know before coming on this course, have a look at our Beginner Course content. If you are working on P, Scene Modes or Auto, please enrol in the Beginner Course. It is better to underestimate your knowledge than overestimate it, however if you aren’t sure, just get in touch and I’ll help you.

Equipment: you will need a DSLR, a bridge camera, or a high-end compact that allows you to change all the settings manually. If you are not sure you’ve got the right kind of camera, contact me for advice. A sturdy tripod is required for night photography section. If you don’t have your own (rising above 140cm before extending the centre pole) hire one of ours for £7. Flimsy tripods aren’t suitable for potentially windy river locations. Please note, you will carry the tripod for the duration of the course.

Price: £185 per person

Start time: is dependent on sunset time. Please check the start times listed against each workshop date. In the warmer months as sunset is quite late, please check your transport times first. Please arrive 10 minutes before the designated start time.

Maximum attendees: 7

Location: They will be held either along Southbank/Westminster or within the Square Mile/City of London and continue along the Thames for the night photography. We will send an automated email confirmation with meeting instructions.

The format of the Advanced and Night Photography Courses will start with theory over a coffee and cake (we pay), but they will be run as a more practise based session.

We know that we aren’t the cheapest and we don’t aim to be. We understand you cannot successfully teach a larger group of clients with multiple types of cameras, all that they deserve to learn and still provide individual attention, so we restrict our group sizes to a maximum of 7 people.

Course Content

Histograms how to read and understand them
Setting your camera to Manual mode, and when to use it
The pros and cons of shooting in RAW
Metering modes and how to use them
Light basics how to use it to get the effect you want
Creativity – working with weather conditions, fill-in flash, use of colour, formal elements (shapes, texture, line, tones especially Black & White)
What kit you need for night and low light photography
What your camera can achieve in night and low light conditions
What settings to use on your camera at night
What creative options there are for making striking pictures at this time of day
What to think about when composing a picture of a night scene
How to capture movement -e.g. passers by, boats, traffic light trails, river movement smooth and dynamic, hand held street photography with fast and slow shutter speed
How to see the balance between natural and artificial light sources and combining the two to great effect

Available Dates

Dates for 2019

Saturday 17th – 17:45

Thursday 26th – 16:20

Sunday 20th – 17:35
Wednesday 30th – 14:00

Saturday 16th – 13:40

Sunday 1st – 13:25

If there are no dates that suit we can arrange a daytime 3 hour 1 to 1 Personal Photography Tuition 3 hour daytime session for £210pp. We also have options ranging from 3 – 7 hours combined day and night Personal Photography Tuition. Please see the Workshops Menu at the top of the page.

In 2019

In 2019 we’re changing the format of the photography courses. While you can buy a single one day course for 5 hours, there is also the option of a 2 day photography course x 5 hours each.
In our two days photography course, you will cover Beginner in 5 hours on 1 day, plus Advanced and Night Photography on the 2nd day..

Beginner photography courses will be in daytime, starting at 10am
Advanced & Night photography course will be combined into 1 x 5 hour day and night event. Start time will depend on sunset time.
You will need a sturdy tripod for the night photography. If you don’t have one, hire one of ours for £7.

There will be more landscape courses in locations outside of the City, such as Richmond, Greenwich, Bridge & River scenes.

You can mix and match the locations so the Beginner can be taken in Greenwich and the Advanced & Night course in the City.
You can mix and match the dates so they don’t have to be consecutive.
When purchasing the 2day course, both dates must taken within 6 months of purchase.

You can buy the days individually for £185 each.
Buy the 2 day course for £340, saving £30.

For our classes to run, we require 3 people minimum and maximum of 7 people on each event. If we do not have enough clients we will contact you in advance to rearrange the date.

If you have a current gift voucher for our photography workshops that is outstanding to be used, it will be valid for the new longer length courses. The expiry date will remain the same.

Once bookings are paid, you will receive automated email confirmations with instructions.

2 reviews for Advanced & Night Photography Course

  1. Julien L

    “Photography courses ”

    Was really interesting to go on the courses as I really felt like I learnt a lot, and was definitely something I needed to be able to take better photos. Definitely recommend it to anyone

  2. Starchampers

    Very informative workshop
    I attended an intermediate workshop and found the tutor, Steve, extremely helpful, working at the pace of those attending (small group and only 2 of us so that worked very well). It was an extremely cold day unfortunately and Steve took us inside the Tate to make it more comfortable. There was some content I already knew but it was great to reinforce my knowledge and I also learnt things about my camera I was not aware of. Did not at any point feel like you were being rushed or the clock watched. I now feel more confident about using my camera in manual mode.

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