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This workshop is designed for beginners. All Bridge, EVIL, CSC and DSLR cameras are suitable, however some compact cameras have limited capability for changing settings.

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General Information

This course is designed for beginners levels or anyone looking for a refresher or an upgrade from film cameras. All Bridge, CSC and DSLR cameras are suitable, however some compact cameras have limited capability for changing settings. If your camera only has Scene Modes, and doesn’t allow you to set the Aperture, Shutter Speed or work on Manual settings, please contact me and supply the make and model and we can tell you if the camera is suitable. If your camera has limited options for changing settings, it would be more suited to the 4 hour instructional Photography On the Move tours.

We’ll keep the course as jargon-free and straightforward as possible.

It will be held either along Southbank/Westminster or within the Square Mile/City of London

Start time: 10am. Please arrive by 9:50am

Length of time: 5 hours

Location: This will vary between Southbank & Westminster, City of London and there will be more landscape based courses in locations outside of the City, such as Richmond, Greenwich, or Thames Bridge & River scenes. Please see the date tab for the location we will cover that day. We will send an automated email confirmation with meeting instructions.

Maximum attendees: 7

3 clients are required for the course to run. We will notify you during the week of the course if re-scheduling is required. Or if you need to make travel plans you can check with us at any time.

Price: £185

Equipment : camera as listed above. Only on more landscape orientated courses will a tripod be required and we will confirm this with information against that course.

What’s the difference between the workshops and the 4 hour instructional Photography On the Move tours? On the Beginner Course there is a more structured format with many extra set subjects for each skill level. We won’t cover lots of ground as it’s not a full tour. However, we do a lot of practical work in a few different locations to learn the skills.

The Photography On The Move Tours will have clients of mixed skill levels who are looking to learn more than they currently know while we are on the move. We’ll ensure you have a good understanding of how to capture moving subjects where you have little time to play with your settings, while still being in control of the camera. We do not cover all the subjects on a Beginner Course, but will ensure everyone understands the basics of photography, before pushing skill levels forward depending on what we see on the tour at the time.

Course Content

How to get your camera to focus on the thing you want to focus on (autofocus lock/points)

How to support your camera so you get sharp pictures every time

How to make your photos come out lighter or darker, using one simple setting (exposure compensation)

How to change your Aperture setting and the effect it will have on your photos (aperture priority)

The only thing your in-camera flash is good for and how to set it (fill flash)

How to change your ISO settings so that you can take photos in dim light without flash (low light photography)

What White Balance is, what you use it for, and how to change it

How your lens length can make a big difference to your photos (focal lengths and effects

Getting past Auto, Programme and Scene Modes

Overview of how exposure works

How to change autofocus points and focus modes

How to work with shutter speed

How to decide which settings to use in particular situations

Available Dates

Dates for 2020

Saturday 14th March, start 10am

If there are no dates that suit we can arrange a daytime 3 hour 1 to 1 Personal Photography Tuition 3 hour daytime session for £210. We also have options ranging from 3 – 7 hours combined day and night Personal Photography Tuition. Please see the Workshops Menu at the top of the page.

In 2019

In 2019 we’re changing the format of the photography courses. While you can buy a single one day course for 5 hours, there is also the option of a 2 day photography course x 5 hours each.
In our two days photography course, you will cover Beginner in 5 hours on 1 day, plus Advanced and Night Photography on the 2nd day..

Beginner photography courses will be in daytime, starting at 10am
Advanced & Night photography course will be combined into 1 x 5 hour day and night event. Start time will depend on sunset time.
You will need a sturdy tripod for the night photography. If you don’t have one, hire one of ours for £7.

There will be more landscape courses in locations outside of the City, such as Richmond, Greenwich, Bridge & River scenes.

You can mix and match the locations so the Beginner can be taken in Greenwich and the Advanced & Night course in the City.
You can mix and match the dates so they don’t have to be consecutive.
When purchasing the 2day course, both dates must taken within 6 months of purchase.

You can buy the days individually for £185 each.
Buy the 2 day course for £340, saving £30.

For our classes to run, we require 3 people minimum and maximum of 7 people on each event. If we do not have enough clients we will contact you in advance to rearrange the date.

If you have a current gift voucher for our photography workshops that is outstanding to be used, it will be valid for the new longer length courses. The expiry date will remain the same.

Once bookings are paid, you will receive automated email confirmations with instructions.

7 reviews for Beginner Photography Course

  1. Sarah K

    “Excellent Workshop!”

    I did the beginner workshop with Corinna to try finally get off auto mode on my camera. She was very knowledgeable and a wonderful teacher. I am looking forward to doing the intermediate workshop.

  2. Tim M

    “A personalised course”

    Corrina gave us a excellent beginners guide to photography. We have been enthusiastic amateurs but limited in our understanding, generally limited to auto mode. With a combination of tuition on the cameras, exercises and using the streets to practice we have learnt the basic principals which now need intensive practice. Corinna is patient and very knowledgable. An interesting and very practical afternoon. Thank you

  3. HGa46

    “A very informative day out!”

    I did the beginners class taken by Robert; he was really patient and knowledgeable. He covered all of the basics but also added in some additional tricks for us to try. I would definitely recommend this class if you are unsure of how to get started or are a little confused by the basic principles.

  4. Patricia

    Corinna, thank you for all your patience and guidance on Saturday. It was a great workshop.

  5. _jeanete58

    “beginers photographic workshop”

    As a near novice I attended this workshop which was held on the South Bank of the Thames, with time spent indoors learning new skills and outside on location practising the skills taught. The course was led by Corinna who I thought was outstanding. She was most enthusiastic and her instructions were put over in an easy understandable form.

  6. WeloveholidaysKentKent

    “excellent tour with wonderful teacher!”

    I did the beginners tour with Corinna yesterday and can only echo again the previous reviews. I knew very little about my lovely camera’s capability and she patiently explained everything to us, slowly and surely and in English- no jargon just plain speaking.
    I would thoroughly recommend this day to anyone who wants to get to grips with their camera and who want to take better pictures.
    Thank you.

  7. CNandCN

    Excellent gift – enjoyable and inspiring
    Beginners workshop – Learned such a lot with hands on techniques, great practical advice and tuition from Corinna, followed by wandering along the Southbank taking in the scenes, putting newly learnt skills to the test. Notes provided on the workshop also give time to practice knowledge gained on focus, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, ISO, exposure compensation, white balance, flash and settings needed for taking moving or static subjects in the weeks to come. Phew – a really good day that made an excellent gift. CN.

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