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Every Christmas the markets and decorations throughout central London are worth exploring and photographing.

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General Information

Every Christmas the markets and decorations throughout central London are worth exploring and photographing. Come along with Hairy Goat on a Christmas Lights Night Photography Tour to find the best locations for your photography. We don’t make a decision on which locations to visit until we see all the decorations on display.

It’s best to read all of the information below first, before booking this night tour.

You must have a sturdy tripod or once it gets dark all your photos will be blurry. (if you don’t have a tripod, see the Tripod Hire section. Click on the Tour Details tab). The Night Tours are not instructional so please make sure already have a good understanding of Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed, how and why to change them, plus how to turn your flash off and how to set your timer (if not using a cable or shutter release) and how to change focus points.

This is not a fast moving tour and we allow time to experiment to get the correct shots. The maximum group size is 6 clients.

This tour isn’t for beginners and isn’t instructional. If you want to learn how to take photos in low level light/night, please see the Photography Workshops (and there is a Christmas Lights Workshop) Or we can provide 1 on 1 tuition at a time to suit you.

For the night tours, bookings and payment must be made in advance. There are no refunds. The tour will only be cancelled if the weather makes the tour hazardous and the payment can be used for an alternative date. Otherwise, we’re out there, rain, cloud or shine.

The best photos are often taken on the bleakest, wettest and cloudiest nights, so don’t let rain deter you. Just bring a raincoat!

Tour Details

Camera: You will need either a good quality Bridge camera or a DSLR. Sorry, but a compact which has limited options of manually changing the Aperture, Shutter Speed, or no Manual options isn’t suitable.

Tripod Hire: If you do not have a sturdy tripod and wish to participate in the Night tour, I have tripods available to hire for £7 each. They have quick release, screw on attachments, weight 2kg, able to hold combined weight of 4kg, extended height 173cm. Please let me know in advance if you require one on the night. Small very lightweight travel tripods won’t be suitable or stable enough as some locations can be windy which will result in blurred photos, plus the rails of the bridges can be quite high. If in doubt, email me or hire mine. Without extending the centre column, your tripod must be at least 140cm high (4’8″) to go above the bridge rails. Please check that your own tripod is functioning, with all parts intact and able to hold the weight of your camera and lens before coming on the tour. If you are hiring our tripod, please remove all attachments from the base. London is a safe city for taking photos, but you must still consider security. You will need to have a strap attached to the body so you can keep a grip on the camera at all times. Straps that screw into the base of the camera will have to be removed for tripod use.

Cost: £85 per person. Can a friend or family member come along free of charge if they aren’t using a camera? Sorry, no. Everyone on the tours and workshops pay full price. Think of it as a theatre show, train fare or plane ride. If you want to go, you have to pay.

Dress: For a few hours outside. Wear warm comfortable clothing and shoes. In winter, bring a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm in between photos. The tour still goes ahead in the rain as London night photos work beautifully in the rain. I also recommend bringing a rain jacket and a cloth to dry your camera and lenses, plus a clear ziplock bag big enough to fit your camera in as it will stay dry. Simply cut a hole in the base big enough to poke the end of the lens through and put the lens hood on. Or bring a shower cap (for the camera, not you)… and then you can still take photos and keep the camera dry. Problem solved!

Meet at the base of George IV statue in Trafalgar Square. We’ll cover various West End areas starting in Trafalgar Square. The West End includes Piccadilly Circus, Oxford St, Regent St, Leicester Square, various arcades and lesser known streets, Covent Garden and any other places worth photographing. We may not go to all locations, and will choose on the night what is likely to be the most appropriate.

As the decorations change every year, the locations we visit won’t be determined until we see what the decorations look like.

Available Dates

Dates for 2019

Sunday 24th November, start 15:40 – Trafalgar Square
Monday 2nd December, start 15:35 – Trafalgar Square
Sunday 8th December, start 15:20 – Trafalgar Square

Want to do a night photography tour of London but not the Christmas Lights? Please have a look at the London Night Photography page for all the other options and dates.

1 review for Christmas Lights Night Photography Tour

  1. Jason E

    “Excellent Class”

    I did a 3 hour Christmas Lights tour (which turned into 4 hours) with Corinna and it was excellent. There were only two of us on that night, both at very different levels and she worked with both of us equally. Her knowledge is large and she shares it very quickly trying to pack in as much as possible into the class. The biggest surprise was that she spent an EXTRA hour teaching us longer exposures for moving lights in Leicester Square where I got my best shots. Thanks Corinna.

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