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Do you want to take those amazing night shots of London that you see on all the tourist websites?

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General Information

Do you want to take those amazing night shots of London that you see on all the tourist websites? Here’s your chance!

Have a look at the images in the London Night Gallery. You could take photos like these on the tour. Please note, these photos haven’t been manipulated in photoshop etc, and aren’t the result of multiple images melded together. So, if you prefer, as many people do, to only take jpg photos, these are what you could take. If you prefer to work in RAW and manipulate the image, well, the opportunities are boundless.It’s best to read all of the information below first, before booking a night tour.

You must have a sturdy tripod or once it gets dark all your photos will be blurry. (if you don’t have a tripod, see the Tripod Hire section. Click on the Tour Details tab). The Night Tours are not instructional so please make sure already have a good understanding and working knowledge of your camera and Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed, how and why to change them, plus how to turn your flash off and how to set your timer (if not using a cable or shutter release) and how to change focus points.

If you are working on Auto, Scene Modes or P, you will need to either participate in a Beginner Workshop or the London Photography Tour to bring your skills up to the correct level for the tour. Or we can provide a 1 to 1 personal tuition session to suit you.

This is not a fast moving tour and we allow time to experiment to get the correct shots. The maximum group size is 6 clients.

This tour is not for beginners and is not instructional. If you want to learn how to take photos in low level light/night, please see the Photography Workshops as there is a workshop just for you or we can provide 1 on 1 tuition at a time to suit you.

For the night tours, bookings and payment must be made in advance. There are no refunds. The tour will only be cancelled if the weather makes the tour hazardous and the payment can be used for an alternative date. Otherwise, we’re out there, rain, cloud or shine. The best photos are often taken on the bleakest , wettest and cloudiest nights, so don’t let rain deter you. Just bring a raincoat!

Tour Details

Camera: You will need either a good quality Bridge camera or a DSLR. Sorry, but a compact which has limited options of manually changing the Aperture, Shutter Speed, or no Manual options isn’t suitable.

Tripod Hire: If you do not have a sturdy tripod and wish to participate in the Night tour, I have tripods available to hire for £7 each. They have quick release, screw on attachments, weight 2kg, able to hold combined weight of 4kg, extended height 173cm.

Please let me know in advance if you require one on the night. Small very lightweight travel tripods won’t be suitable or stable enough as some locations can be windy which will result in blurred photos, plus the rails of the bridges can be quite high.

If in doubt, email me or hire mine. Without extending the centre column, your tripod must be at least 140cm high (4’8″) to go above the bridge rails. Please check that your own tripod is functioning, with all parts intact and able to hold the weight of your camera and lens before coming on the tour. If you are hiring our tripod, please remove all attachments from the base. London is a safe city for taking photos, but you must still consider security. You will need to have a strap attached to the body so you can keep a grip on the camera at all times. Straps that screw into the base of the camera will have to be removed for tripod use.

Cost: £85 per person. Can a friend or family member come along free of charge if they aren’t using a camera? Sorry, no. Everyone on the tours and workshops pay full price. Think of it as a theatre show, train fare or plane ride. If you want to go, you have to pay.

Length of time: The tour starts approximately 20 minutes before sunset and lasts for 3 hours. We will finish near a tube station.

Dress: For a few hours outside. Wear warm comfortable clothing and shoes. In winter, bring a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm in between photos. Bring a rainjacket and a cloth to dry your camera lens just in case! The tour still goes ahead in the rain as London night photos work beautifully in the rain. If it’s likely to rain, I’d also recommend you bring a clear ziplock bag big enough to fit your camera in as it will stay dry. Simply cut a hole in the base big enough to poke the end of the lens through and put the lens hood on. Or bring a shower cap (for the camera, not you)… and then you can still take photos and keep the camera dry. Problem solved!

There are 4 different options all year around.

Option 1. Meet under the clock in the middle of Waterloo Station hall. This tour covers the more touristy and well known riverside locations in the west, such as Houses of Parliament, London Eye, the bridges and mystery locations towards the West End. Please note: various buildings along this route (including Houses of Parliament) have long term repair works taking place and scaffolding is present. We will do our best to obtain creative shots which don’t include the full building.

Option 2. Meet at the front of Marks and Spencers inside London Bridge Station.
This tour covers eastern end of the river, such as Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Southwark Cathedral, alleys and heads towards the Millennium Bridge opposite St Pauls.

Option 3. Meet at the front of the Royal Exchange bulding at Bank tube station. We cover fantastic buildings in the oldest part of London with interesting lighting, back alleys, some of the seedier and also stunningly modern city areas. This is the oldest part of London and provides great atmospheric locations and diversity.

Option 4. Meet at the base of George IV statue in Trafalgar Square. We’ll cover the West End area starting in Trafalgar Square. The West End tour may include Piccadilly Circus, Soho, Covent Garden and any other places of interest I can find.

From the end of November we run a Christmas Lights tour, meeting at Trafalgar Square, at the base of the George IV statue. As the decorations change every year, the locations we visit won’t be determined until we see what the decorations look like.

Available Dates

Dates so far, for 2020

Thursday 5th March, start 17:25 – Option 1 Waterloo
Monday 16th March, start 17:45 – Option 4 Trafalgar Square
Sunday 22nd March, start 18:00 – Option 3 Bank

Monday 6th April, start 19:20 – Option 2 London Bridge Station
Friday 10th April, start 19:25 – Option 1 Waterloo
Friday 17th April, start 19:40 – Option 4 Trafalgar Square
Friday 24th April, start 19:50 – Option 2 London Bridge Station

Thursday 7th May, start 20:15 – Option 1 Waterloo
Monday 18th May, start 20:30 – Option 4 Trafalgar Square
Sunday 24th May, start 20:40 – Option 2 London Bridge

Monday 1st June, start 20:50 – Option 1 Waterloo
Sunday 7th June, start 20:50 – Option 3 Bank
Monday 15th June, start 20:50 – Option 1 Waterloo
Monday 29th June, start 20:50 – Option 4 Trafalgar Square

Sunday 5th July, start 20:50 – Option 2 London Bridge
Friday 10th July, start 20:50 – Option 2 London Bridge
Monday 13th July, start 20:50 – Option 1 Waterloo
Thursday 16th July, start 20:50 – Option 2 London Bridge
Sunday 19th July, start 20:45 – Option 3 Bank
Saturday 25th July, start 20:40 – Option 1 Waterloo
Monday 27th July, start 20:35 – Option 4 Trafalgar Square
Friday 31st July, start 20:35 – Option 1 Waterloo

If you wish to participate in a Night tour and no dates are listed around that time, please get in touch contact me. Personal tours can be arranged.

All tours are to be booked and paid in advance.

Please double check your address when sending an email as I have been receiving emails, but am unable to respond due to the addresses being incorrect. If you are trying to arrange a personal tour at short notice please also add your telephone number as it can make communications a little quicker.

10 reviews for London Night Photography Tour

  1. RonDMoody

    “Excellent Tuition, Great Locations”

    I had two photography sessions with Corinna, both on low level light and night time photography, one being a one to one tuition (because I have never attempted anything like this before) and one as a tour.

    Both sessions where excellent, the tuition was great and so informative I now feel well equipped to do more night shoots. The tour was just as good and great fun.

    Excellent locations for both sessions. I have got some great results.

    Thank you very much for a great time

  2. Lisette t

    “A fun and nice evening”

    I booked one of the night tours during my stay in London. Even though I was the only participant, the tours wasn’t cancelled and I had a great evening with Corinna. Not only did she show me some beautiful spots on the southbank (some planned and some by coincidence), she also let me take all the time I needed to take a picture and have several attempts. On top of that, she could tell a lot about the history and background info of the places we visit.
    I can really recommend to book a tour at hairy goat photography tours!

  3. Photogal07

    “WOW! What a great time!!”

    Travelled with a friend to London and wanted to do night photography. Since this was our first trip, we didn’t want to just roam around on our own. Corinna is a great tour guide & very knowledgeable about the area. At the end of the tour, we discovered that the tube had shut down (Sunday night). She went the extra mile and helped us get a taxi. When I return, I will definitely book another tour!!

  4. ahyun

    “Night Photography Tour of London”

    I took the London night photography tour that met at London Bridge and had a great time. There were three of us on the tour. The tour was very informative, with Corinna pointing out good locations for us to shoot since she is very familiar with the area, and giving useful suggestions on different angles for more creative photos. For the night photography tour, we experienced with different settings to use on reflections on water, light reflections on buildings, etc. After the tour it definitely makes you look at lighting and London from a different perspective.

    Eat first before you come to the tour. We started at 8:30pm and we were shooting and walking until 12:30 – probably would’ve stayed longer if the tube runs later! Corinna has so much information to share! I would recommend this tour, and do more London photography tours in the future if I am in London again.

  5. CanuckTraveller07


    A few months prior to my London visit this year I had Googled the web, looking for something interesting to do that combined my love of photography, architecture, British history and London in general. I came upon the Hairy Goat Photography Tours web site and was very excited by the course offerings. I immediately signed up for two of Hairy Goat’s tours: the “London Photography Mystery Tour” and the “London Night Photography Tour”, both conveniently offered the same day. When I initially enrolled in the courses, Corinna was extremely prompt in getting back to me to ensure I had the appropriate equipment for one of the courses (i.e. a tripod). She answered all my pre-trip questions so I was quite prepared when I showed up for the course. Upon completion, I cannot begin to describe how pleased I was with both of these courses. All of the rave reviews on TripAdvisor for Hairy Goat are justly deserved and are bang-on in my opinion. Corinna’s company offers an interesting and effective combination: a city tour combined with a photography walk. You don’t need to be a serious photographer to join these groups as all skill levels are welcomed. it’s all about the enthusiasm of learning and exploring the city of London together.

    For the “London Photography Mystery Tour” I had the wonderful Steve as my tour guide. When I say “my guide” I do mean that in the singular sense as I was the only person on the tour that day. What a unique experience that was. Steve was fantastic in every way. At the outset of the course he established my skill level and started out the session accordingly, discussing the foundations of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. He was very friendly, patient, kind and helpful and inspired me to think of capturing my subject in different angles, compositions, focal lengths and over/under exposures. As I learned about London’s history throughout the walk, Steve helped me capture shadows, reflections in rain puddles on the sidewalks and nuances of people on the street as they walked by. Steve was extremely well versed in his knowledge of London’s history and he explained the historical relevance of each part of the City that we explored – the cobbled laneways, back alleys, winding passages and ancient churches were all brimming with character. Thanks again Steve for a great afternoon!

    Later that evening I took the “London Night Photography Tour” with Corinna and 3 other participants. Corinna has a lightning fast style (hence the Australian-based name “hairy goat”, as in running around as busy as a hairy goat) that may not suit all people but she covers a lot of ground and is very clear and patient when explaining camera basics and imparting London history. Corinna has an excellent knowledge of London’s history and geography and has a warm, down to earth style which makes you feel instantly at ease. It was inspiring to meet someone so positive and enthusiastic, and the feeling was contagious! Corinna was concerned at all times for the safety of the 4 participants in our group, and she ensured that everyone either got to their Underground station OK or was comfortable in their particular method of transport home that night after the course ended.

    Next time I visit London another Hairy Goat will most definitely be on my personal agenda. To sum it up in a few words, these courses are awesome…. just do it!

  6. caribooderek

    “An excellent first class photography guiding service”

    I first had a private tour with Corinna and then later a group tour with my wife (the latter scheduled months before at my request, and, perhaps because it was a Sunday evening, we were the only participants). I can’t speak highly enough of Corinna and the quality of the tour. She has an amazing knowledge of London, an interesting story about almost every building. Her enthusiasm is catching, especially when she has “Just one more special place you’ve got to see”. Each tour extended well beyond the time specified for it. We’ll be back to London again and we will be booking time with Hairy Goat again and again.

  7. Lee H

    “Hairy Goat Night Photography Tour”

    I had a great few hours on this Tour with Corinna. She is very knowledgable about London and very enthusiastic about photography. She certainly took me to some locations I wouldn’t have gone to on my own. This is a great tour and highly recommended.

  8. AA11B

    “Low light and night photography”

    A great evening and night spent photographing famous London sights, coupled with street photography.
    Corina is very knowledgeable and showed us some great places to set up for our pictures.
    Well worth the price.

  9. cna07

    Highly recommended to everyone interested in photography
    Even before booking the tours with Hairy Goat Photography, we were in contact with Corinna, the owner of the company, because we had a few questions. Corinna was extremly responsive and her answers were helpful and made us book both the Mystery Tour and the Night Photography Tour. We did not regret it!
    We took the Mystery Tour with Flora, a young Italian photographer who really knows her business. Not only did she teach us a lot about photography, but she also showed us a lot of places in the City of London which we would never have visited/found without her. “Secret” backyards, pubs, etc. Flora told us a lot about the history of London and the places we visited. She gave us different photo tasks that we had to fulfill with her help. We are very happy with the pictures we took during this tour!
    The Night Photography Tour was guided by Corinna. We took the tour along the Thames and had the chance to take pictures of the Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and some less known places that gave great sujets for our photos. Corinna really know her stuff and taught us a lot about photography and the city. With Corinna’s help we took some great pictures!
    We much appreciated the two ladies’ humor, their knowledge and their patience.
    We will certainly book a tour again when in London next time. Thank you, Corinna and Flora!

  10. ikrivoshekova

    Fantastic photo tour with Corinna
    Had a great photo tour with Corinna two weeks ago. She is fabulous, a great personality and a fantastic teacher! Not only that I got tons of very useful tips and advice from her, she introduced me to amazing places in London I happened to pass by a lot but never thought of as so amazing for photography. Highly recommend for all levels! Will definetly do more photo tours with Hairy Goat.

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