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London is full of quirky and interesting photo opportunities.

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General Information

Do you like walking around a city and discovering something that makes a great photo?

It can be statues, elaborate doors and lamp posts, headstones or interesting architectural features, reflections, hidden gardens and old churches. We all know where the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Cathedral and Trafalgar Square are, but London is full of other quirky and interesting photo opportunities and maybe you need someone to lead you to them.

The digital camera and the smartphone has turned most of us into keen photographers, so if you have a few hours spare and want to discover new sights in London, join the London Photography Mystery Tours.

You won’t know where you are going until we get there but I promise there will be something you haven’t seen before. At the start of the tour we will talk briefly on London’s history to give you background information. As we walk around we will provide plenty of stories and information on the buildings, details and life in London.

The good thing about a mystery tour is that the itinerary can vary dependent on the weather, the group size, speed and interests. So even if the weather is lousy, it doesn’t usually last long. No two tours are the same, so you can come along more than once, twice or even three times and still see something different each time. Even we don’t know where we may end up on the day but it will be within the City. Each one of our tours is as good the other.

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of a “photography tour.” Most clients are still learning how to use their camera. And there is no snobbishness with cameras on this tour. No photography skills or fancy cameras are required. Bring along whatever camera you like, or just come along without a camera but with an interest in exploring the City.

Hairy Goat London Photography Mystery Tours aren’t instructional photography lessons, but are for people who enjoy city exploration and taking photos.

It’s a fun, friendly, interactive tour and we won’t tell you where we are going, as it’s a Mystery!

Tour Details

Bring: a fully charged camera and plenty of memory cards or film, and bring a drink and a snack to eat. On the weekends the London City area is almost deserted so snacks and drinks are hard to find. Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress appropriately for 3 hours outside. We are in the season of sudden rain showers. At these times we can usually find shelter or interesting places that are under cover to take photographs. So the tour still goes ahead.. Just bring an umbrella or a coat!

Dates: The tour is held 2 days a week. Please see the calendar for dates in green.

You can make a booking using the calendar above, alternatively you can email or call +44 (0)7540832771

Bookings and payment must be made in advance

Meet: At 11am in front of the Royal Exchange building at Bank tube station. Take exit 3 or 4 from the station. The guide will be wearing a red and white top or red jacket with Hairy Goat written on the back.
Duration: 3 hours
Finish: Finish approx 2pm, by a tube station within the city and the location varies daily
Extra info: On Monday to Friday toilets are open in Bank tube station.
On the weekend the closest toilets are on the corner of Eastcheap and Gracechurch St near Monument tube station
Group sizes: Preferred maximum of 10 people. Larger group sizes can be accommodated on request.

Please note: Unless attendees are under the age of 12, everyone pays to join the tour, whether you choose to use a camera or not.

Prices are per person.

Adults: £60 per person (16 yrs and over)
Students: £50 (12 – 15 years/ Full Time Student/ Concession – Photo ID required to be shown to the guide at the start of the tour). Children under 12 free, maximum of 2 per family. The tour isn’t recommended for children under 8 yrs. Can a friend or family member come along free of charge if they aren’t using a camera? Sorry, no. Everyone on the tours and workshops pay full price. Think of it as a theatre show, train fare or plane ride. If you want to go, you have to pay.

Tripod: It isn’t necessary to bring or hire a tripod for day tours. In some locations it’s impractical to use them due to space limitations or Security not allowing them

Pets: No Pets are allowed unless they are Hearing or Seeing Dogs.

All tours are to be booked and paid in advance. Please read the Terms and Conditions page so you are aware of refunds and date change conditions.

If you would prefer a date and time that isn’t scheduled I can arrange a personal tour. Group and bespoke tours are also available. These tours will be priced separately. Please send me an email to discuss your requirements.

Over the last couple of years I’ve discovered that if there is the slightest sign of cloud or a forecast of rain, clients are deterred from coming on the tour though rarely does it rain for long. It usually lasts 10 minutes, then stops… The weather in London changes regularly so cloud in the morning doesn’t always stay. And the weather report, especially the 5 day forecast, is wrong more often than not.

It’s no good thinking what a great idea the Mystery Tours are, if you wait until there is definitely going to be a blue sky between the hours of 11am-2pm. That will be the day you are at work!

There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of weather, so the tour is held in all weather as there is always something great to photograph. On wet days, there are reflections in puddles, blurred umbrellas, street lights, and rain-streaked windows. (and for an extra £1 we can supply disposable rain ponchos). My best selling photo was taken in the rain. On grey days, there are no shadows which often make the right exposure difficult) and Monochrome/Black and White work well on those days. And on the blue sky days, well, who doesn’t want to be outside taking photos and reflections are everywhere!

15 reviews for London Photography Mystery Tour

  1. threekendalls

    “What an eye opener!”

    I had the great pleasure of going on a London Mystery tour last weekend with Corinna as guide and LOVED it!
    Photography has been my main hobby for many years now but have never tried something like this before.

    Corinna was extremely knowledgeable on the City of London area and took us to places I’m sure that I would NEVER have found on my own. She was relaxed and very approachable making it easy to get he best from the tour.
    Her guidance and ideas on things to take and how to create interesting images was really useful and I’ve come away from the tour looking at things in a different way – I’ve even started appreciating the building I’m based in for work and I’ve thought it was a bit grim in the past – it certainly doesn’t have any of the beauty, grandeur or style of the buildings we saw on the tour!

    I hope I get to go on another Hairy Goat Tour in the future (I’m particularly interested in the Night Tour).

    If you’re going to be in London and are interested in photography (and history) then I would recommend you try one of their tours!

    Thanks Corinna!

  2. wherecanibe

    “Loved the Photo Tour of The City”

    I took the “mystery tour” of the City on a Monday and really loved it. Our guide, Steven, had great knowledge of the history of London, and The City area, in particular. He took us through really interesting courtyards and historical buildings via random alleys that initially looked unimpressive. But take two steps and turn a corner and you’re into a hidden garden with office workers taking lunch and a guy practicing advanced yoga on a lawn…or a shell of a church bombed in WWII. The day made for great street and architectural photos. Steven was super helpfull giving as much or as little technical help a we wanted – without hindering the flow of the tour. I would definitely take this tour again b/c there is so much to cover in The City.

  3. FBtwo

    “Good mix of photography and history”

    I (a keen photographer) and my wife (interested in history but not photography) went on the square mile London tour, led by Steve.We both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The day included interesting and quirky bits of history. The photography was a good balance of learning new techniques and practicing without being overly technical. Different levels of ability were well catered for.I have some great keepers and we both enjoyed the tour.Thanks Steve.

  4. Emma294217

    “Best tour of the City!”

    I booked the mystery tour with Corinna. She was a highly knowledgeable guide and spent a lot of time explaining the history of London. She also offered useful tips on how to shoot from different perspectives and getting full use of all of my camera functions. It was the most interesting and informative tour of any city I have EVER signed up for and I will definitely be joining the evening tour next time I visit! Thank you Corinna!

  5. Peggy G

    “Great way to discover London whilst learning more about photography”

    Corinna is really nice, knowledgeable and helpful in combining a lovely London tour, showing us unknown and hidden places, whilst teaching photography and making everything easy to understand! Would definitively recommend it

  6. CanuckTraveller07


    A few months prior to my London visit this year I had Googled the web, looking for something interesting to do that combined my love of photography, architecture, British history and London in general. I came upon the Hairy Goat Photography Tours web site and was very excited by the course offerings. I immediately signed up for two of Hairy Goat’s tours: the “London Photography Mystery Tour” and the “London Night Photography Tour”, both conveniently offered the same day. When I initially enrolled in the courses, Corinna was extremely prompt in getting back to me to ensure I had the appropriate equipment for one of the courses (i.e. a tripod). She answered all my pre-trip questions so I was quite prepared when I showed up for the course. Upon completion, I cannot begin to describe how pleased I was with both of these courses. All of the rave reviews on TripAdvisor for Hairy Goat are justly deserved and are bang-on in my opinion. Corinna’s company offers an interesting and effective combination: a city tour combined with a photography walk. You don’t need to be a serious photographer to join these groups as all skill levels are welcomed. it’s all about the enthusiasm of learning and exploring the city of London together.

    For the “London Photography Mystery Tour” I had the wonderful Steve as my tour guide. When I say “my guide” I do mean that in the singular sense as I was the only person on the tour that day. What a unique experience that was. Steve was fantastic in every way. At the outset of the course he established my skill level and started out the session accordingly, discussing the foundations of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. He was very friendly, patient, kind and helpful and inspired me to think of capturing my subject in different angles, compositions, focal lengths and over/under exposures. As I learned about London’s history throughout the walk, Steve helped me capture shadows, reflections in rain puddles on the sidewalks and nuances of people on the street as they walked by. Steve was extremely well versed in his knowledge of London’s history and he explained the historical relevance of each part of the City that we explored – the cobbled laneways, back alleys, winding passages and ancient churches were all brimming with character. Thanks again Steve for a great afternoon!

    Later that evening I took the “London Night Photography Tour” with Corinna and 3 other participants. Corinna has a lightning fast style (hence the Australian-based name “hairy goat”, as in running around as busy as a hairy goat) that may not suit all people but she covers a lot of ground and is very clear and patient when explaining camera basics and imparting London history. Corinna has an excellent knowledge of London’s history and geography and has a warm, down to earth style which makes you feel instantly at ease. It was inspiring to meet someone so positive and enthusiastic, and the feeling was contagious! Corinna was concerned at all times for the safety of the 4 participants in our group, and she ensured that everyone either got to their Underground station OK or was comfortable in their particular method of transport home that night after the course ended.

    Next time I visit London another Hairy Goat will most definitely be on my personal agenda. To sum it up in a few words, these courses are awesome…. just do it!

  7. JorgeFromSC

    “A most worthwhile experience!”

    I am photography enthusiast and my wife is not. My first wish for taking the mystery tour with her was that she would not be bored. My wish came true. Fortunately, for my wife (and me), Corinna proved to be quite a good guide when it came to explaining historically and culturally significant sites that we were seeing while she simultaneously gave some very useful tips for my photographic interests. I brought a very wide angle lens and she tailored her photo suggestions for that. Another guest had a completely different camera and Corinna was very helpful to her, as well. The streets we strolled through offered excellent photo ops with both recognizable sites (St. Paul’s) as well interesting alleyways and streets. The tour lasted about three hours which was just about right. Later in the week, we went back to get some more interesting shots. The tour is a very good value and I would highly recommend it. Perhaps I’ll do a more advanced tour with her on a future trip.

  8. RonDMoody

    “Great Experience”

    This was the Mystery Tour and it was excellent Corinna is really very good and her factual knowledge of the area is outstanding. The photography experience was great and once again I have picked up some very useful tips from Corinna. Many thanks for a great and valued photography session.

  9. MS913

    “Fantastic photography tour with a fascinating history of London thrown in”

    I was looking for something that I could do with my 12 year old son during half term and thought we’d try this. This was a great choice that we both enjoyed. We finally learned how to use our camera, got some amazing composition tips (and consequently some brilliant shots) and had a great day learning some interesting facts about London from an Australian (as a 40+ Londoner I’m a little embarrassed about this last part.) I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.

  10. Lance&Nolan (verified owner)

    This is a great tour and well worth the fee and the time. I knew little about my camera while my son had taking photography classes in high school and we both got so much out of this session. Corinna was a great tutor and guide and took time to make sure we were both getting something out of our time. I had lived in London for 2.5 years and never saw most of the unique and out of the way places she showed us. Next time we are in London we are for sure doing another tour with her. Thanks Corinna!

  11. Steve Adams (verified owner)

    Had a fantastic mystery tour with Corinna. Although I know the City quite well Corinna showed me places I have never noticed before and knew a lot of interesting history. Additionally I took some great photos on the day that I might not have considered without Corinna’s guidance.

  12. 56JasperB

    Mystery Tour
    If you enjoy fascinating facts and have an interest in photography then this is the tour for you. The three hours flew past as we visited a variety of locations around the City of London all of which presented really good photo opportunities for all skill levels. The hints and tips from Flora, the guide combined with her passion for the City’s history and architecture made this a truly enjoyable event.

  13. Miriam S

    Great mystery tour
    I took the mystery tour on a rainy day, but it was still a fantastic tour through the City of London. Tour guide Flora did an amazing job explaining the history of the City while showing how to take great pictures and I’ve learned so much. I highly recommend this tour!

  14. Gregory R

    Best tour of the old city
    I did Two mystery tours in my time in London was planing only one one but it was so good I had to do it again if you go on this tour you will see London in a new light The guides are great and I learned quite a bit to see the real London this tour delivers and the tips you are given about your photography are great will do it again if I get back to London

  15. Andrew H

    Fab time with this energetic guide!
    We booked two tours, one for the mystery tour and one for an evening city lights tour, both were very informative and fun.
    I lived in London for 4 years and thought I knew the place pretty well. We found lots of hidden little treasures to photograph and were given lots of information on the history of the place as well as how to capture good shots.
    I would highly recommend this guide and will be choosing this company again.

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