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To participate in the Low Level Light and Night Photography Workshop, you will require a level of knowledge equal to completing the Beginner Photography Course.

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General Information

To participate in the Low Level Light and Night Photography Workshop, you will require a level of knowledge equal to completing the Beginner Photography Course. This means, you must have a good understanding and working knowledge of your camera and Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed and how/ where and why to use them. If you are on Scene, Auto or P mode, please complete either the Beginner Course or the Photography on the Move tour first. Another option is to take a Personal Photography Tuition session to fill any gaps in your knowledge, plus run a combined day and night event designed for you, 7 days a week.

Please note, this Workshop will last for approx 3 hours and doesn’t involve a full Tour.

We do move around, but we don’t cover as much ground as a full tour, as the aim of the workshop is to take our time to practice techniques utilising slower or faster shutter speeds, and improve skill level instead. We concentrate on the area between London Bridge and Tower Bridge which has a wealth of subjects.

A sturdy tripod that extends over 140cm (before extending the centre pole) is required for Night Photography. If you do not have one, we can hire them to you for an extra £7 for the night.

Workshop details

Time: Start time will vary depending on sunset time, so please see the dates listed above for the meeting time.

Duration: 3 hours

Where: Meet inside the London Bridge train station hall. We’ll be at the front of Marks and Spencer Simply Food shop near the entry to platforms 13 – 15 and wearing the red/white Hairy Goat uniform.

Cost: £110 per person. Can you bring a friend or family member free of charge? Sorry, no. Everyone on the tour pays full price whether they are using their own camera or sharing a camera or don’t have a camera.

Maximum attendees: 6. We do not have large groups as we want to ensure you get the attention you deserve.

Workshop Content

Twice a month we will still run the 3 hour Low Level Light & Night Photography Workshop which is solely for Night Photography. If you have mastered Aperture, ISO & Shutter Speed, but still have a few gaps in your knowledge, consider the Advanced & Night Photography Course and cover the remaining day and night subjects in the 1 x 5 hour course.

Night and Low Level Light Photography Workshop content:
What kit you need for night and low light photography
What your camera can achieve in night and low light conditions
What settings to use on your camera at night
What creative options there are for making striking pictures at this time of day
What to think about when composing a picture of a night scene
How to capture movement -e.g. passers by, boats, traffic light trails, river movement smooth and dynamic, hand held street photography with fast and slow shutter speed
How to see the balance between natural and artificial light sources and combining the two to great effect
How to spot the potential for a good night scene during the day time


Dates for 2019 coming soon…

If none of these dates suit, we can arrange a 3 hour personal tuition session for you.

In 2019

Twice a month we will still run the 3 hour Low Level Light & Night Photography Workshop which is solely for Night Photography.

We will meet in London Bridge train station and photograph along the river. To allow time to learn, become comfortable with camera settings, working in the dark and to start to make decisions instinctively, you need to have adequate time, so our workshops last 3 hours. Any less, is not enough time.

A sturdy tripod rising above 140c, (without the centre pole extended) is required. If you don’t have one, hire one of ours.

To attend this workshop, You must be past beginner level, with a good working knowledge of how/where/why of Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, adjusting exposure.
Location: Meet at London Bridge train station. Start time will depend on sunset time.
Price: £120 per person
Length of time: 3 hours
Start time: Depending on Sunset time
Minimum: 2 people
Maximum: 6 people.
Tripods are essential. Tripod hire £7 each
Dress: appropriately for 3 hours outside. It’s always cooler along the river.

7 reviews for Low Level Light & Night Photography Workshop

  1. Julien L

    “Photography courses ”

    Was really interesting to go on the courses as I really felt like I learnt a lot, and was definitely something I needed to be able to take better photos.
    Definitely recommend it to anyone

  2. Tony M

    “Night Tour Tower Bridge”

    First class and friendly tuition. Corrina was a star. Some great secret locations. Took some great pictures and will recommend to friends. Well done

  3. chg1028


    I took a class with Corinna that lasted 5 sessions and included two tours, and it was fabulous! She presents information in a clear and concise manner and gives lots of opportunities for you to practice each new skill. Corinna is very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and patient – it’s obvious she loves what she does!

    On the tours, Corinna gives information about the history of the area you are in, provides suggestions for composing photos, and helps if you have any questions. I have some wonderful photos of London now – and my photos of my family and our travels are so much better than before I took her class.

    I’ve lived in London for 3 years now, and this experience has truly been one of my favorites! I cannot recommend Corinna enough, and I look forward to doing more tours with her!

  4. TBWorldTraveler


    For the past few months I took a photography class with Corinna. It was a structured class we organized with her, over five sessions, for a group of six of us. The class was then followed by a day time and night time tour.

    My expectations were exceeded in everything Corinna did. She is so passionate about photography and excited to share her knowledge. My photography has taken on a whole new dimension. She has taught me about all the settings, provided practical ideas and showed me varying compositions.

    She knows London history well and provides insight as to the location and input as to what looks good in pictures.

    She goes above and beyond. She answers email questions, provides feedback and even helped come to do one on one training with me for my daughter’s photography play.

    I will be taking future tours with her for sure. Sign up today – you will not be disappointed. She deserves the high ratings this company has!

  5. Kira R

    “Great Class and Tours!”

    I took a small group multi-session class and had a wonderful time! Corinna is a great teacher – very knowledgeable, patient and fun. We had a range of experience levels in the class (as well as varying camera makes and models) – Corinna was able to teach to each individual’s ability and help us navigate our unique cameras.
    The course ended with two tours – one daytime, and one nighttime. In each tour we were able to experiment with different settings and apply the skills we had learned and practiced over the course – adjusting for the locations, lighting conditions, subjects, etc. Not only did the tours give us the perfect opportunity to use our new skills and get some great shots, Corinna also took us to some really cool places and shared facinating stories and London history.
    Highly recommend – and can’t wait to do another tour soon!

  6. sheriffpayne

    Exceptional tour of London by night
    I was guided on the night photography course by Corinna using an unfamiliar camera that I had borrowed. Corinna was superb. She helped me with the camera, prompted me with suitable subject views and techniques but left me to make the final decisions. I was able to take great photos along the South Bank and on London and Tower bridges. I cannot recommend this course too highly.

  7. alanskene

    Brilliant low-light workshop
    Excellent evening with Corinna, brilliant locations and excellent tuition. Highly recommended, great photos and the weather was perfect!

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