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(**Prices start at £210.00**)

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Would you rather have photography tuition tailored specifically to suit you?

All Personal Photography Tuition sessions are arranged individually.

First, please get in touch via email or phone, to set up the date, time and location.

Once that is completed, you can then book your Personal Tuition session on the calendar below.

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Any questions? Email or call +44 (0)7540832771.

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How many of us own an expensive camera which barely gets used? Or are your photos a mix of “hit and miss” and you don’t know why? Does your knowledge fall between Beginner and Intermediate level? Would you rather have photography tuition tailored specifically to suit you? Or do you have limited time and have difficulty attending an all day workshop?

I’ve heard the story multiple times about clients attending 12 week courses in a class of 10 or more and at the end of it, they still don’t know enough about their camera to be confident of the settings to use.

What’s the point of wasting your time, effort and money like that? Then Personal Photography Tuition is just what you need. Hairy Goat’s experienced tutors can cater for 1 to 1 or for a small group.

To arrange the personal tuition session, please contact Corinna on +44 7540832771 or email with your requested dates/ times/preferred locations.

To book a private photography tour please either email or call +44 (0)7540832771.

London and surrounding areas

To get the full benefit of theory plus the time to practice your new skills, sessions are for a minimum of 3 hours. Final price will depend on group size, if transport is required, or we go outside of London. It doesn’t include refreshments or tripod hire (for night photography). Please note, we charge for all attendees on the tuition, regardless of intention to learn or camera use.

Sample prices

Daytime photography tuition for 3 hours
1 person x 3 hours = £210
2 people x 3 hours = £350

Daytime photography tuition and tour for 4 hours
1 person x 4 hours = £265
2 people x 4 hours = £460

Night photography tuition for 3 hours
1 person = £310
2 people = £530

Night photography tuition and tour for 4 hours
1 person = £380
2 people = £640

Day and night photography combined tuition and tour
1 person x 5 hours = £380 (approx 2.5 hours day/ 2.5 hours night)
2 people x 5 hours = £640

1 person x 7 hours = £480 (approx 4 hours day/3 hours night)
2 people x 7 hours = £860

For additional clients please contact Hairy Goat for pricing

Please get in touch via email or phone to discuss your requirements and we can tailor make a time, tuition session, location and skill set to suit you. Once the details are arranged, booking and payment will be taken over the phone.

***Guides and tutors usually have other commitments after your tour so if you arrive late, we still finish at the original scheduled time.***

Travelling to you

Hairy Goat has a fantastic reputation which is spreading rapidly. So, we’re on the move and running around the world. We can travel for your personal tuition session, whether it’s to Dubai, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Bath or into your office in London, we can do it. These sessions will all be priced individually. If you really want to learn but are struggling to find the time and the tutor, we can travel to you. Or if you get a group of people together it could work out cheaper than using a local, but un-tried source.

Corinna from Hairy Goat will be in Dubai occasionally and we will take bookings for tuition Get in touch to reserve your session. (Prices will vary slightly from London, to allow for travel costs)

14 reviews for Personal Photography Tuition

  1. nicowb1137

    “tour designed to relearn long forgotten photographic techniques”

    we met as planned at Monument and immediately began to walk and to talk photography. Corinna quickly adapts her relaxed teaching style to accommodate ones knowledge of both camera and photography. She is patient and explores different explanations to ensure one gets the point in question. a truly wonderful 4 hours – the teaching notes rounded off a valuable experience. Definitely an experience to recommend to ones friends

  2. RonDMoody

    “Excellent Tuition, Great Locations”

    I had two photography sessions with Corinna, both on low level light and night time photography, one being a one to one tuition (because I have never attempted anything like this before) and one as a tour.

    Both sessions where excellent, the tuition was great and so informative I now feel well equipped to do more night shoots. The tour was just as good and great fun.

    Excellent locations for both sessions. I have got some great results.

    Thank you very much for a great time

  3. LAE_travels

    “First class photography lesson in plain English”

    I have been planning a trip to photograph the Northern Lights, however I really needed a solid lesson in photography, especially night photography to properly prepare myself. I signed up for a 5 hr private lesson with Corinna and it was the best thing I could have done. She has a way of explaining technical aspects in a very practical way so that the material is accessible for people who are just starting to grapple with thinks like aperture, shutter speed and exposure compensation. The experience was 5 star the whole way – top quality instruction, a little bag with reference booklets and a rain cloth, a little parting gift for my “homework”, plus Corrina’s energy and enthusiasm. I got a sense that she is very experienced because our time was expertly organised so we were able to cover the theoretical aspects, and as we walked a long the river she knew every spot to stop at to practice street and night photography. She also squeezed in a hot cuppa with indoor photography practice which was desperately needed on that cold and wet night. The whole experience was really positive, I highly recommend Hairy Goat, and Corinna in particular, to anyone looking to learn about photography and also take stunning photos of London, which is of course a beautiful city.

  4. Car933

    “Very Practical and Enjoyable Photo Tour”

    Very good fast communication in planing which tour to take. Had a small group of 3 people that day. Lots of personal attention given. Corrina teaches you how to set yourself up for photo success. Very practical advise. Learning happens quickly.
    A 3-4 hour tour will raise your photo skills to another level.
    Best hands-on photography teacher in London.

  5. DaviesFS

    “Fantastic Birthday present”

    What to buy for a teen birthday present? We decided on an experience rather than more electronics, and Corrine was really helpful making suggestions on what would be most appropriate, even though we left it rather late to book and it was just before Christmas. We opted for the 3 hour one to one session, and deposited (a slightly apprehensive) birthday boy with Corrine. He loved it, Corrine was friendly and put him at his ease immediately. He picked up lots of photography tips and enjoyed her expert knowledge of the city; even three months later he talks about places he saw. Highly recommended.

  6. Crispin D

    “Great Experience”

    I attended an afternoon teaching session and an evening tour. Both were excellent. Corrina was a thoughtful teacher going to great lengths to find out what I did and didn’t know and to build on that. She managed to find many things that I had simply been lazy about getting to grips with and in addition has an excellent eye for what will make an arresting shot. Throughout she was full of energy and fun to hang out with. I would definitely do this again and would recommend without hesitation

  7. Tim M

    “A personalised course”

    Corrina gave us a excellent beginners guide to photography. We have been enthusiastic amateurs but limited in our understanding, generally limited to auto mode. With a combination of tuition on the cameras, exercises and using the streets to practice we have learnt the basic principals which now need intensive practice. Corinna is patient and very knowledgable. An interesting and very practical afternoon. Thank you

  8. CupacakaTMC

    “Do not hesitate to take this tour!! Exceeded my expectations!”

    If you are looking for something a little different while seeing the very best of London….take this tour! Trust me you will not be disappointed.

    I accompanied my husband while he was on business and wanted to do something that involved the sights of London but not a traditional tour. I saw this tour and thought why not? I’ve always wanted to take better pictures and was keen to see some London sights at the same time.

    I reserved a private 3 hour instructional tour and my guide Corinna was amazing and very knowledgeable on both photography basics and London sights and history. She very patient as she walked me thru my camera’s functionality and photography basics. I was so impressed that I returned the next day for Corinna’s “Mystery Tour”. I was able to apply my new photography skills while also learning more about London.

    Do not miss the opportunity to take any of these innovative tours!!

  9. Nancy B

    “Great tour”

    I did a 5 hour private tour with Steve 3 days ago. I’m an advanced amateur, and Steve showed me settings on my camera I wasn’t aware of, gave me great pointers on composition and technique, and took me to some great locations. I particularly loved to discover shooting reflections in seemingly dirty and shallow puddles on the streets and sidewalks, and I got some fantastic shots trying this. Also loved learning more about night photography and long exposures on the Tower Bridge. The time flew by. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in photography. Can’t think of a better way to spend a half day in London! Would definitely do this again next time I come back to London. Highly recommend Steve and Hairy Goat (and love the name)

  10. Codeedo

    “Well Worth It!”

    My 13 year old daughter and I did a 5 hour lesson/tour with Corinna and we both felt it was time well spent as being very instructional and enjoyable. We sat down with Corinna at a coffeeshop and reviewed some basics with our cameras and did some mini “tests” with focusing, aperture settings, etc. We both learned new things about our cameras. We then set out for a walk around the neighborhood (since we were not first time visitors to London we chose the Old London area instead of the Buckingham Palace area). Corinna brought us to places and showed us sights we would not have found on our own (including a church which was bombed during WWII and the interior now used as a beautiful urban garden). She pointed out interesting architectural elements for photographing, as well as spur of the moment items such as an one of the more old-fashioned red double decker buses that was driving by. We ended our lesson on a bridge getting time-lapsed photos at night. This was a wonderful way to see/notice parts of the city you might not be aware of as well as learn new tricks with your DSLR. I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in taking better photos.

  11. S S

    “Fantastic Experience”

    I participated in a small group multi-session class with both a daytime tour and a nighttime tour. We had a range of experience levels in the class, from passionate near-pros to just past the beginners, and Corinna was able to teach to each individual’s ability as well as help us understand our unique cameras. Corinna is a great teacher – very knowledgeable, personable, and patient. The classes and homework were designed to cover specific techniques and settings. During the two tours, we were able to experiment with different techniques and apply the skills we had learned and practiced over the course while realtime adjusting for movement, lighting conditions, subjects, etc. The tours gave us time to use our new skills in interesting locations with one-on-one help while lining up unique shots. Highly recommend an experience with Corinna. Looking forward to another tour with Corinna.

  12. Patricia T

    Exceptional & Unique Way to see London
    My 14 year old is taking a photography class so I scheduled this tour for her while in London. Corinna and I exchanged several e-mails as Corinna wanted to understand my daughter’s skill level, expectations and interest to specifically tailor the tour. The tour itself was a great success. My daughter learned so much from Corinna and took exceptional photos. The experience helped to fuel an already growing passion for photography and it presented a side of London that she never would have experienced.

  13. MollieArchie

    Fabulous and Highly Recommend Steve
    Met my tutor Steve yesterday in Brick Lane area. I am an avid user of instagram and wanted to reap the benefits of other functions available on my camera. Steve was learned, interesting and really helpful. I had a great and enjoyable 3 hour session and look forward to using my new knowledge. I really recommend Steve and ask him to show you the amazing puddle trick!

  14. Jeff S

    Reviewed 3 weeks ago
    Great 1-1 teaching experience
    For my son’s 18th birthday I signed him up for 1-1 photo tour with Corrina in London – 3 hours. Corrina is a superb teacher – patient, knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. My sense is that she can scale from tour guide to full blown instructor. We were here to get instruction – how to use manual settings on a digital camera. Corrina started by buying us coffee/cake, and then proceeded to give us 1 hour of sit-down instuction on camera settings, including some practice shots (trying different speeds, appitures, and ISO settings). We then did aout 2 hours of actual walking around taking pictures together. She was really good – pointing out the lighting conditions, asking my son what he thought would work here, and finding some great shots. We were in Shoreditch – a more interesting side of town with cool murals, people, and buildings. She also left behind written materials so we could continue practicing after the session was done. I would highly recommend her for anyone that wants to get deeper into photography, but my sense is that she could scale from tour guide to classroom instructor – so it just depends what you are looking for. Highly recommended.

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