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Are you visiting London for the first time and want to see all the major attractions and get the best London photos you can? Or do you know your way around London, but want some help with your camera and need photography instruction?

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General Information

Photography On The Move are dynamic tours, exploring and photographing London with its wonderful mix of street photography, people, architecture, landscapes and impromptu opportunities.

Are you visiting London for the first time and want to see all the major attractions and get the best London photos you can? Or do you know your way around London, but want some help with your camera and need photography instruction? These are 4 hour instructional walking photography tours, led by a professional photographer and we have a few locations to choose from.

Groups sizes are small (maximum of 7 people) so you will get individual attention. We’ll help you get the best out of your camera so you’ll go home with photos to be proud of, increased knowledge on how your camera works and more creative ideas for your photography.

Each Photography On the Move Tour will start with a brief talk about the main points in photography, how to get those shots with the blurred or sharp background (Aperture), how to freeze or blur motion (Shutter Speed), Burst Mode, what to consider with the variable London light (ISO), focus points and how to find all this on your camera. Depending on the day, we’ll either spend the first half hour doing this over a cup of coffee inside a café, going over the essentials of photography and your camera, or we’ll just get going and instruct at the first location.

The photographer guide will help you get the best from your camera, give ideas for creative photography and how to make the most of any situation and environment. They love what they do and their enthusiasm is infectious. You’ll have a great time and walk away inspired by photography and in love with London. Plus, the guides will also give you snippets of information on the area. So, it’s double value!

The tour is suitable for compact cameras, bridge cameras and DSLRs. Tablets and smartphones which have assorted functions are also suitable, but please note depending on the model of your phone or tablet, there may be a limit on what we can teach or your equipment can achieve. It’s crucial that you also bring a portable phone charger as batteries drain quickly when taking photos.

To give you the most assistance we need to know the make and model of your camera or phone when you make the booking.

On the day we’ll give you a booklet of photography notes and information plus some exercises so you can keep practising in your own time.

Please note, these tours are not as intensive as a Beginner Photography Course. The skills you learn on this tour will be tailored to suit the tour and location.

Location Options

Capturing the West End – street photography on the move – theatres, people, street photography, iconic locations. Meet: in Trafalgar Square at the base of the George IV statue.

Southbank – a mix of photography on the move – London Eye, river scenes, bridges, architecture and people. Meet: at Waterloo train station under the large clock hanging from the roof inside the main hall.

South London & Lambeth – street photography on the move – graffiti, markets and 1830’s housing estate – photography on the move. Meet: at Waterloo train station under the large clock hanging from the roof inside the main hall.

East End – street photography on the move – markets street art, Brick Lane to Shoreditch – Graffiti, people and markets. Meet: at Liverpool St train station under the large information board near platform 7 – 8.

City of London – a mix of photography on the move – the old, the new a mix of historic, stone, glass, skyscrapers, architectural detail, churches, people and the unexpected. Meet: at the base of the tall monument at Monument tube station.

The City at Night – street photography on the move. Bring minimum camera equipment. We will be using high ISO’s (up to and over 6400), and bigger apertures F2 – F4, with slower shutter speed around f1/30 – 1/60 second, using anything we can for stability. It’s all about people, night scenes in the City, lights, buildings and action. If you aren’t sure that your camera & lens is capable, please email me the make and model, plus lens details before making the booking. Meet: at the base of George IV statue in Trafalgar Square.

Changing the Guard: Southbank, London Eye, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, through to Horseguards Parade, Trafalgar Square and maybe even St Martin in the Fields Church. Please note – To get the best photos on this tour you will need a zoom lens at least 50mm or more.
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Explore a suburb – the locations will be changing regularly and could include Covent Garden, Gothic Cemeteries, Richmond, Greenwich, Camden, South Kensington, Notting Hill, Mayfair. Meet: For these tours we’ll send you a separate email with meeting location instructions. Dates: tbc

Single morning tour: £110

Two Photography On the Move tours in 1 day: £190 (instead of £220, save £30)

Start: 9:30am

Meeting location: These will vary depending on where the tour is held. Please check your confirmation email.

Bring: Clients require 2 batteries and a spare memory card, plus drying/cleaning cloth if it is wet. If you are using a phone, you must bring a portable phone charger as the battery will drain quickly.
A drink and a snack.
Do not bring a tripod.

What to wear: Comfortable clothing that blends into a crowd, dress for changeable weather, shoes you can walk in for 4 – 8 hours. The tour will go ahead in the rain as some of the best photos are taken in adverse weather conditions. Bring your sense of adventure!

In Summer
In Summer for 3 days a week we will run 2 events in the same day.
Buy both events for £190 to be taken on the same day, saving £30. We’ll stop for a 1 hour lunch break.

Lunch and refreshments are at your own expense.
During lunch, we may change locations using the tube or bus. Clients will pay for their own transport.
An Oystercard or travelcard is required as buses don’t take cash payments.

Tour Details

Group sizes: limited to 6 people

The guide: Will be wearing a red and white t’shirt or a red fleece/jacket with Hairy Goat written on the back

Meeting location: Each tour will have its own meeting point near a tube station. Please see the details listed against each tour

When: Please see the dates against each tour option

Start time: 9.30am

Length of time: 4 hours

Finish location: See the individual tour, but it will be near a tube station

Please note: We may not finish exactly on time, because if there’s a photo opportunity, we’d rather take longer to get the photos.

Tripod: Please DON’T bring or hire a tripod for these tours. If you need extra stability, please bring a monopod. There are too many visitors and security restrictions in the areas we cover to be
able to use a tripod.

Cost: £110 per person. Can a friend or family member come along free of charge if they aren’t using a camera? Sorry, no. Everyone on all the tours and workshops/courses pay full price. Think of it as a theatre show, train fare or plane ride. If you want to go, you need to pay.

Bring:Using a phone or tablet: Batteries drain very quickly so we strongly recommend bringing a portable charger.

Please read the Payment Terms and Conditions before booking any tour.

Once the tour is booked and paid, we’ll send you an automated confirmation email. This email will have ALL the meeting locations for EACH tour option, so please remember your own tour name.


Monday 17th – Southbank
Thursday 20th – South London & Lambeth


10 reviews for Photography on the Move

  1. Noreen856

    “Oh so good!”

    Had no idea what my camera could do before today. Thank you so much Corina, would recommend this to anyone who wants to do more than use “auto” on their camera. And to anyone looking for first class, informed, personable, will-help-you-with-anything-you-ask, however-long-it-takes teacher. Brilliant!!

  2. dinla

    “Great experience. A lot of bang for your buck”

    You pay for things in time and money. When traveling, both are precious commodities. Although a lot of people now only take pictures with their phones or tablets, many of us still use cameras, especially when traveling. I have a good quality point and shoot camera bought specifically to use while traveling, and I wanted to take better pictures. When I saw this photo tour on Trip Advisor I thought it was the perfect activity for my husband and me. We had a great time and learned so much. Corinna is personable and a good teacher. My husband knows more about photography than I do, and she was able to adjust her coaching to meet our individual needs. I am a hands on, visual learner and her individual coaching was terrific. She explained concepts and then we practiced them, over and over. And what a setting. Lots of interesting places and people and we saw iconic London sights. Her handouts will help reinforce what we learned and we can use our new skills every time we pick up a camera. I highly recommend this tour. Why not take good photos of your precious vacations? Thanks Corinna, for a fabulous experience

  3. gardie1960

    “Best 4 hours”

    Can’t thank them ennough truly one do the best days of learning in London , it was a pleasure too sit and learn and then put the skills into practice . Got some amazing shots but best of all learnt somecnew tricks of the trade and meet an amazing women willing to share and help me thanyou

  4. linda morphis

    What a great new twist on visiting and touring London! Our tour with Hairy Goat (Corinna) provided a memorable half day of sightseeing, history lesson and photography tips. The take away was appreciation of a morning well spent AND some terrific photos! I will definitely do it again!

  5. peterdavidmartin2016

    “After years of taking terrible photos, 4 hours is all it took for me to be able to take decent photos.”

    Corinna and I met at Waterloo and over coffee she explained my camera to me.

    Basic but it immediately became clear she knows her stuff and within minutes she’d set my camera up properly.

    Then she explained the basics and here is where you learn of her real enthusiasm for her trade as well as her real skill in teaching.

    She game me examples and then after ensuring I properly understood, had me test my knowledge.

    Then we went walkabout and she showed me all of the key aspects of the camera I had and how to take the sort of photos I wanted.

    Hardly revolutionary stuff I hear you say, but to this 57 year old, having the scales wiped from my eyes was a revelation.

    For the first time ever I took decent photos (not by mistake or luck) and understood what I was doing and why.

    I now have a handy booklet of reminders and my own set of colourful ducks.

    I simply can recommend Corinna enough and after a few months practice will engage her again for some more advanced tutoring.

    Oh, and she is a really lovely lady who immediately put me at my ease.

    Wonderful and very highly recommended.


  6. Mary C

    The Best Way to Capture the London Experience

    It was my first time in London and I wanted to try something different from the traditional tours. I wanted to learn how to capture shots with my new mirrorless camera. Normally I take shots with my iPhone, which sometimes turns out good but I wanted great photos.

    I decided to take the Instructional London Photography Tour on my first day on holiday. BEST decision I made. Corinna is an amazing teacher. She showed me how to use the different settings and lenses with my camera to get the shots I wanted. I recommend bringing 2 lenses to capture the details of buildings and another for portraits. During the remainder of my 2 week holiday, I practice everything she taught me. The shots amazed my friends and family…and even me. Thank you. Thank you Corinna.

    As for the tour, I also learned a lot about London’s history and major sites. We even chatted up a Bobby about photography. Next time I’m in London, I’m going to do the London Night Photography Tour.

  7. hartian617

    “Expert photography lesson”

    A wonderful, professional experience. I learnt far more than I expected, the 3 hours just flew by. We walked around some iconic parts of London, seeing them in a very new light.

  8. Musidorus

    “A great photography experience on a cloudy day in London”

    I met my guide/mentor/teacher under the clock at Waterloo Station and quickly repaired to a coffee shop to discuss what my needs were, what my camera could do and what aspects of photography interested me. Corinna then led me to a variety of different locations, inside and outside where she showed me what would make agreat photo and offered advice on the technical side such as ISO, shutter speed and aperture to use. We had a real mix of experiences including the beach by the Thames, inside an old church, fountains playing in the gardens and curvy buildings. All in all it was a delightful experience with a warm and friendly teacher who made learning a delight. What could have been a grey experience on a grey day was transformed in to a great learning opportunity

  9. CNandCN

    Excellent gift – enjoyable and inspiring
    Beginners workshop – Learned such a lot with hands on techniques, great practical advice and tuition from Corinna, followed by wandering along the Southbank taking in the scenes, putting newly learnt skills to the test. Notes provided on the workshop also give time to practice knowledge gained on focus, aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, ISO, exposure compensation, white balance, flash and settings needed for taking moving or static subjects in the weeks to come. Phew – a really good day that made an excellent gift. CN.

  10. ikrivoshekova

    Fantastic photo tour with Corinna
    Had a great photo tour with Corinna two weeks ago. She is fabulous, a great personality and a fantastic teacher! Not only that I got tons of very useful tips and advice from her, she introduced me to amazing places in London I happened to pass by a lot but never thought of as so amazing for photography. Highly recommend for all levels! Will definetly do more photo tours with Hairy Goat.

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