Here are the main questions to ask yourself before going ahead with any purchase.

It will help you sort out what is important apart from the price. And read reviews on internet forums.

There’s no camera or lens perfect for all situations, which is why there is so much variety available.

Consider the type of photos you prefer to take. Landscape, portrait, architecture, action, street
photography, travel, wildlife. This will affect the type of camera, size, accessibility for buttons, lens changing, how close you can get to your subject and what lenses you need.

How much weight do you want to carry? If it has to go into a backpack will you get it out for spur of the moment shots?

How big are your fingers/hands? The camera has to be feel comfortable, easy to use and carry.

Do you want to be able to change lenses, giving a greater opportunity for different effects, subjects or situations?

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