Photography is something of a male-dominated world, despite the fact that nowadays there are at least as many women, if not more, who’re serious about taking photographs as there are men. One of the manifestations of this male bias is that when it comes to photographic equipment and accessories, they’re designed with men in mind. Camera and accessory manufacturers need to snap into these changes asap or they’ll start to lose sales.

For instance, if you want to buy a camera bag, you can have any colour of black you like – or you might just find brown, grey or khaki if you’re really lucky. Camera straps and backpacks are not designed to work with female curves, or accommodate female necessities like purses, make-up and phones. Camera backpacks are difficult to access so you nearly always have to take them off to change lenses, leaving you working slowly and at risk that someone will be watching you.

And of course, many women would prefer a camera bag that doesn’t obviously look like a camera bag, partly for security reasons and partly because it would be good to be able to carry your camera equipment in something that looks a little more stylish than the usual black ‘brick’. We’re going to give you some sources for more interesting camera bags, plus some ideas for how to repurpose other types of bags for camera-carrying purposes. Most of the camera handbags available are made in the USA, but there are a number of companies who import them and offer them for sale in the UK…

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