Not sure which memory card to buy? Don’t understand why some are inexpensive and some are astronomical prices? Here’s our quick guide to help you out.

Quality of images

There won’t be any difference in the quality of your images between one card and another – a ‚5 card supermarket brand will give you images as high in quality as a ‚200 card from a reputable manufacturer. The misconception that the card makes a difference to image quality comes from shooting in film, where the type of film you used really did make a difference. Although memory cards could be called the rough equivalent of film nowadays, they work on a digital basis, which means your image is stored as a series of ones and zeros. Since it’s impossible to have a good or bad quality zero or one, then it makes no difference to the quality which card you use. Where differences come into play are in reliability and speed – this is what you pay the extra for.

Types of Memory cards

The two most commonly available types of card are Secure Digital and Compact Flash. You may also come across micro SD, SDHC, xD (eXtreme Digital), Memory Stick Duo, and Multimedia cards. Your camera dictates which of these you’ll be using, so we won’t go into the pros and cons and differences between types…

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