London is a wonderful city, beloved of all who live here – not to mention the 19+ million tourists who visited last year alone.

A place steeped in history, but where old very much meets new with a diverse mixture of wonderful places and people.

Hairy Goat is delighted to now offer educational days out for small to medium groups. Ideal for college classes or educational school trips, or even corporate events.

You can choose either a Photography Tour of London – this informative walking tour through London will give you an excellent historical perspective on your chosen London route. On the tour please feel free to bring cameras or simply use your phones to take as many mementoes of the day as you like!

Or we offer a Photography Workshop in London – here the day will be less informational and more instructional. Everyone brings their cameras or phones and learns a bit more about the beauty of taking real photos.

Contact us now to discuss dates and group costings –