Will there be a break for lunch or coffee on the tour?
On the regular scheduled tours we don’t break for lunch or drinks, unless it’s especially cold or hot and we need a break from the weather. On the weekends the City of London area is virtually closed so I recommend that you bring a drink and snack / lunch with you. During the week, it’s possible to stop to buy a drink or something as we are walking along.

Will the tour still run if it’s meant to rain or snow that day?
Absolutely. Some of the most interesting photos are taken in adverse weather conditions. There are different opportunities in each type of weather and we’ll show you how to make the most of them. And if it absolutely pours down with rain we can certainly find plenty of places that are undercover and still take great photos. Trust us.. we’re out there every day!

Will the tour ever be cancelled?
Tours are only cancelled if the weather is so extreme it will be hazardous. Or if no one is has booked on to it.

Can I have a private tour or workshop or tuition?
Yes. Please send an email to or call on +44 (0)754832771 to arrange it.

What is the end destination of the Mystery Tours?
Each tour will finish in a different location. The Mystery tours are just that! A Mystery.. even we don’t know where we are taking you until the day arrives, and it will depend on the weather , what there is to see on the day, the speed and interests of the clients and various other factors…. that’s why it’s a Mystery.. So please don’t email asking where it’s going to go on the day, as we actually don’t know!!! But you will finish near a tube station in the City and so transport won’t be a problem. And you will see a very diverse range of subjects.

I am on an Instructional London Photography Tour. What will I see?
We’ll endeavour to show you the main sights of London, however London is a very dynamic city. One day it’s all functioning properly and streets are accessible, the next day the footpaths and roads are blocked due to maintenance or an event and the crowds are horrendous… But we’re used to thinking of alternate locations so even if we don’t get to show you the intended sights, we will still show you some other locations that make great photos.

I only have a small point and shoot camera or a camera on my phone. Will it be suitable for the London Photography Mystery Tour?
Yes. There is absolutely no camera snobbishness on the tours. Most compact cameras take great photos and are incredibly versatile. Phone cameras can take good photos and the Apps which can be used on them will give fantastic options.
The only time we are specific about needing a camera with Manual options such as a Bridge or DSLR is on the Night Tours and on the Beginner or Advanced & Night Photography Course or Night Workshop.

Do I need to be an experienced photographer to attend a Mystery tour?
No. While we will give you some advice and suggestions on angles and composition, on a non-instructional tour we won’t advise you on which settings to use. However, on an instructional tour or workshop the aim is to teach you to get the best out of your camera, but you will need a camera with options of changing the settings manually. If you aren’t sure whether your camera is ok, please get in touch.

Do I need to be an experienced photographer to attend a Photography On the Move Tour?
No. It’s not as in-depth as a Beginner Course but we don’t expect clients to be experts. We will give you advice and suggestions on angles and composition and it will be an instructional tour so you will make more of your camera settings and will learn to work in rapidly changing environments and subjects. Your camera must have the ability to change settings manually via either P or AV/A or TV/A or M. If you aren’t sure whether your camera is ok, please get in touch. Some phone cameras (especially iphone) have enhanced capability with changing settings, action and burst (multiple shot) modes. If you aren’t sure please get in touch.

I have paid and am now unable to attend the tour or workshop. Can I cancel or get a refund?
Each tour or workshop has different cancellation policies. Please refer to the Payment Terms and Conditions page for the information on each tour or workshop.

Can I pay cash for the tour on the day?
As tour group sizes are limited to ensure the quality of the tour, it is best if you book and pay in advance to ensure you have a place. If you are unable to pay in advance (as does happen sometimes when clients are travelling), please email and confirm that you will be attending. If we don’t receive bookings for a scheduled tour, we may not provide a guide at the starting point. We don’t want to waste your time by you turning up to discover no guide is there, and the same applies for us.

Do children/students qualify for a discounted rate?
Yes, if they are full time students booking on the London Photography Mystery Tour – day. If booking private/personal tours, then they are included as full price. Unless it’s obvious the children are still at school, then suitable ID will need to be presented to the guide.

Do Old Age Pensioners/Disabled qualify for discount?
Yes, they receive the same discount on the London Photography Mystery Tour as students. ID will be required.

Is it possible to bring my children on any tour?
It’s not recommended to bring children under the age of 8 years as a 3 – 4 hour walking tour will be rather long for them, unless they are in a stroller or pram and won’t be walking around. The city footpaths are often very narrow and busy and very small children can be endangered in busy crowded environments during the week. On the weekend, it’s much quieter, so less of a hazard. Please bear in mind that toilets are few and far between on the weekend as most businesses in the City are shut. We also rarely go into locations with steps.

Children over 8 years are welcome to attend on all tours. We ask that parents explain the concept of the tour so the children are aware in advance. On the weekends in cold weather there are very few places open where we can warm up or take shelter, so please ensure everyone is dressed to cope with 3 hours outside.

We prefer the children to have a camera of some type to use as it keeps them engaged in the tour. Parents who hover tend to eliminate their creativity, so we ask that the children have the opportunity to work alone or with the guide.

On the group London Photography Mystery Tour up to 2 children under 12yrs old per family are free of charge. More that 2 children are charged student price.

From 12 -16yrs or full time student (ID required) prices of £50 apply for the London Photography Mystery Tour only.

On any personal tour or personal tuition, or group tours and workshops, children are charged at full price.

Are there discounted prices for children?
The only event we provide any discounted rate for children is the Mystery Tour (please see above). On all other events children are charged full price. Children are learning photography and using cameras from a young age and grasp the concepts very quickly. With their own camera in hand, their enjoyment and understanding grows rapidly and they will receive the same amount of attention from the guide or tutor as adults.

Can I bring my dog on the tour?
No, unless it is a hearing or seeing dog.

I am the only one taking photos but my partner/ friend wants to attend the tour/ workshop also. Do they have to pay?
Yes. We receive many requests like this and that’s where the history section of each tour is of interest to non-photographers. With a little encouragement or advice, many clients with no real interest in photography end up taking almost as many photos as their “photography mad” partner and just as excited about it. Quite a few go away making plans for their first “big” camera. Think of a buying a tour or workshop as the same as paying for a theatre ticket, train fare or a plane ride. If you want to go, you have to pay.

What are Hairy Goat’s office hours?
It feels like we work all day every day, but that’s not totally true. Provided we’re not on a tour at the time, your call will be answered between 8 am – 8pm (GMT). If you get the answering service, please leave your details and a phone number and we’ll call you back asap.

Over Christmas and New Year we are closed
The dates will vary from year to year, but our specific Christmas opening hours will be announced on the site.

We do not run regular scheduled group tours during these dates.

However, we are available for Personal Tours and Personal Tuition sessions. Please get in touch to arrange these directly before we make them available on the calendar for you to book and pay.


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