Personal Tuition Australia


How many of us own an expensive camera which barely gets used? Or are your photos a mix of “hit and miss” and you don’t know why? Does your knowledge fall between Beginner and Intermediate level? Would you rather have photography tuition tailored specifically to suit you? Or do you have limited time and have difficulty attending an all day workshop?

I’ve heard the story multiple times about clients attending 12 week courses in a class of 10 or more and at the end of it, they still don’t know enough about their camera to be confident of the settings to use.

What’s the point of wasting your time, effort and money like that? Then Personal Photography Tuition is just what you need. Hairy Goat’s experienced tutors can cater for 1 to 1 or for a small group.

To arrange the personal tuition session, please contact Corinna on +61 (0)415 280 097 or email with your requested dates/times/preferred locations.

Please note, payment is in Australian Dollars (AUD). To keep prices comparable, we are using the conversion of AUD 1 = GBP 0.50

1 person x 3 hours = AUD$400
2 people x 3 hours = $660

Daytime photography tuition for 4 hours
1 person x 4 hours = $500
2 people x 4 hours = $870

Night photography tuition for 3 hours
1 person = $585
2 people = $1000

Night photography tuition for 4 hours
1 person = $720
2 people = $1200

Day and night photography combined tuition
1 person x 5 hours = $720 (approx 2.5 hours day/ 2.5 hours night)
2 people x 5 hours = $1200

1 person x 7 hours = $900 (approx 4 hours day/3 hours night)
2 people x 7 hours = $1600

Payment will be made via in full via bank transfer to the Australian bank account to secure the booking. Credit card payment will be available shortly.

Travelling to you

Hairy Goat has a fantastic reputation which is spreading rapidly. So, we’re on the move and running around the world. We can travel for your personal tuition session, whether it’s to Dubai, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Bath or into your office in Australia, we can do it. These sessions will all be priced individually. If you really want to learn but are struggling to find the time and the tutor, we can travel to you. Or if you get a group of people together it could work out cheaper than using a local, but un-tried source.

Get in touch to reserve your session. (Prices will vary slightly, to allow for travel costs)