Are you a fair weather photographer? Does the idea of going out with your camera on a bleak, wet day or even worse, at night, sound unappealing? Is it because you don’t have the right gear or a worried that you camera will get wet?

There are a few simple tricks to keep your enthusiasm up. A list of suggestions:

1. Dress warmly and prepare for rain. A disposable rain poncho, is an invaluable and lightweight extra to add to your camera bag. At worst, use a large garbage bag and tear holes for your neck and arms. You can also use it if you need to get down on wet ground. A camera bag will stay dry under the poncho.

2. Carry a waterproof cover for your camera. I use clear Ziplock/ resealable bags to keep the camera dry. They are cheap and easy to use. Tear a hole in the bottom of the bag, just big enough to poke the end of the lens through and attach the lens hood, which will help keep drops off the lens. If the camera is sitting on my neck for some time without being used, I seal the bag between the straps as well. There are bigger, more professional camera cover options available online for anyone planning on taking regular jaunts in the rain.

3. Take a small facecloth or towel to wipe excess raindrops off the bag or camera…

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